Saturday, December 12, 2009

Recruitment Underway

C-MAC Recruiting is in full swing and I am happy to announce we have snagged some well known FW faces. Kruger from the 22nd and a pirate well known in the Verge Vendor region has signed on and is already making the C-MAC killboard look amazing. I hope he enjoys his stay with C-MAC and continues to do well as the one man Verge Vendor Blob.

A good freind of mine, Cpt. Thryss has signed on and I am very excited to see him in action once again in the Verge Vendor region. It was his vision that sent the 22nd BRDU here in the opening phases of our operations to take Verge Vendor and later placid from the Gal militia.

New faces are also coming on board and we welcome newer pilots. Tesla Flake has proven an outstanding asset in several fights including the recent kill of a pirate pilgrim in a counter ambush operation in a plex in cost.

It Apears the gals are getting active again with the loss of Murethand right next door in our home area of V.V. I will hopefully get the guys out plexing some and fighting with our neighbors to attempt to disrupt the continued retaking of systems. The Cal militia will likely rise to the challenge of engaging in the grind of plex warfare once again with the renewed interest of the Gal Militia.

As always I am looking for good pilots for C-MAC, please stop by forums to check out our corp vision and see if you would fit in.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Open for Bussiness

Costolle Military Assistance Corporation is open, well sort of.

I have transferred my account to the New corp and begun setting up the logistics necessary for a corp to function before allowing people to join. I know this is ass backwards compared to how most corps work (open, recruit then worry about logistics) but I want the guys to hit the ground running, and shooting for that matter from the first day.

For those of you not in on what I intend to do here is a basic breack down:

C-MAC will be a mercenary corp with ties to FW. What does this mean? It means that when not on contract for a player we will be on contract to Caldari (or Amarr) Faction Warfare to allow our pilots to keep there skills up and keep getting kills. The idea is to keep things interesting and fresh between killing targets in FW and hunting down contract targets for paying customers. Although I love the mindless Pew Pew as much as anyone else I found the random roams in 0.0 for a 30 on 1 kill a bit boring (an exaggeration but if you roam in 0.0 you know what I mean) so its back to small gang warfare.

C-MAC will operate a bit differently as well, working with the concept of Private contracts for pod pilots we will supply munitions, drones mission critical supplies and subsidized ships to purchase for replacement or just cause you want to try one out but we don't have a industrial arm nor will we be reimbursing pilots for ships.

What the hell? I can hear it now, however what we will do is not keep the isk from a paid contract but distribute it among the pilots who went on that contract using a system of kills, bonus's for specialties such as probers and ECM ect. So the wallet will be perpetually poor for the corp but the good times will continue to roll for the corp as you get paid to Pew Pew (eventually when we start making isk).

The C-MAC command structure will be different then other corps that I have been in as well. The Directors will not necessarily be the FC's. Why? because this allows those of us with some ability to do logistics and admin to do that while others go and kill stuff all the time and dedicate all there time to that. Their never seemed to be a correlation between a good FC and a good Admin Director...

So, C-MAC is open for invitation recruitment currently this will continue till I have the base crew, then open recruitment for stage 1 recruiting (first 20 Players). If you have recently joined and need to move into our area of operation please contact me in game to arrange for hauler and freightor services that we provide.

In Game Channel: C-MAC Offices
Point of Contact in Game: Commander Cross