Monday, January 25, 2010

Standing up some fleets, getting new contracts

Welcome again from Costolle,

Been a bit since I last wrote on the blog about what C-MAC has been up to. Since last time we have gotten a ad spot on Podded Podcast, which I encourage everyone to catch their shows as they are both entertaining and pretty up to speed on the happenings of EVE.

We also met our recruitment goal and are slowing down the intake of new players to conduct some new player PVP orientation and training. We have a wide range of skills from multi year accounts to brand new pilots. Been fun so far and look forward to training ht enew guys.

A few minor contracts here and there, primarily been avoiding taking a serious contract while I sort out the first level of recruitment. Once I loose a few guys to the usual attrition and get some training in we will be looking for additional isk making opportunities.

There is a concept that I was talking in vent about that I will mention here, some people may not being familiar with it and I think its absolutely necessary for PVP pilots in training.

Stress Inoculation:

What does this mean? basically you need to get into fights, loose ships and get used to it so when it happens in a live situation you don't get frantic, excited ect. Ever hear a guy say he is tackled and could use some help in a calm way that tells all the needed info? He has already had stress inoculation for PVP.

How do you do this? Is simple, but there is no trick to it. You PVP and loose some ships. Learning to fail is an important part of PVP, its easy to stay calm when its 5-1 or 20-1 at a gate camp, harder when its a even fight or worse a unfair fight and your going to die. So you take your new guys out in frigates and get them killed. :) its actually kinda fun to be honest, and they learn to PVP and how to get there pod out ect, while being conditioned to respond calmly.

Anyway, I hope to get this blog going in a daily basis, thanks to the Blogroll for a reminder to do a post :)