Saturday, December 12, 2009

Recruitment Underway

C-MAC Recruiting is in full swing and I am happy to announce we have snagged some well known FW faces. Kruger from the 22nd and a pirate well known in the Verge Vendor region has signed on and is already making the C-MAC killboard look amazing. I hope he enjoys his stay with C-MAC and continues to do well as the one man Verge Vendor Blob.

A good freind of mine, Cpt. Thryss has signed on and I am very excited to see him in action once again in the Verge Vendor region. It was his vision that sent the 22nd BRDU here in the opening phases of our operations to take Verge Vendor and later placid from the Gal militia.

New faces are also coming on board and we welcome newer pilots. Tesla Flake has proven an outstanding asset in several fights including the recent kill of a pirate pilgrim in a counter ambush operation in a plex in cost.

It Apears the gals are getting active again with the loss of Murethand right next door in our home area of V.V. I will hopefully get the guys out plexing some and fighting with our neighbors to attempt to disrupt the continued retaking of systems. The Cal militia will likely rise to the challenge of engaging in the grind of plex warfare once again with the renewed interest of the Gal Militia.

As always I am looking for good pilots for C-MAC, please stop by forums to check out our corp vision and see if you would fit in.

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  1. Oh Sure, I dont get a mention!? :p - Sconees